Twenty20 Cricket: A gimmick no more

Twenty20 Cricket: The genius of the game of cricket lies in its malleability. Not many sporting codes have cricket’s scope for continually reinventing itself and spawning newer forms without deviating too much from its parental values.

Five-day Tests, three-day Tests, One Day Internationals (50 overs), Cricket 40/40, Duckworth-Lewis method for revised targets and...
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Steven Gerrard: Title scriptwriter a sadist

Steven Gerrard: In the movie The Devil’s Advocate, Milton/Satan (Al Pacino) rages against God’s ‘Look, but don’t touch’ rule.

According to Milton, God commands: Look, but don’t touch. Touch, but don’t taste. Taste, but don’t swallow. Such a command, Milton charges, proves God is a sadist. Premier League title scripts have had their fair share of sadistic writers. You...
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South Africa Cricket: Can Proteas halt the Aussie juggernauts?

South Africa Cricket: Comparisons with dominant Australian cricket sides of yesteryear are premature. The team that had as coach and Steve Waugh as captain, set the bench mark.

It will take a gargantuan effort to match those standards. But there is no doubt that Darren Lehmann’s men have the temperament to carve out their own place in the history...
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International Cricket Council: Indecent proposal

International Cricket Council: In the movie Defiance, in the Bialowieza Forest, Tuvia Bielski’s word is law. He issues commands and ‘rules’ with a firm hand.

It’s not a perfect system of governance by any means, but it is arguably the best in the circumstances. It is a necessary, benign dictatorship. On the whole, Tuvia and his brothers preside over...
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Hull City Football Club: Whose football club is?

So, Hull City Football Club owner Assem Allam says he will make good on his threat to walk away from the club “in 24 hours” if the FA refuse to ratify his application to change the club’s name to Hull Tigers.

Unless the proposed new name is trademarked, surely the outcome of the application should be...
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African Nations Championship: Is football the gift that keeps giving?

African Nations Championship: We have no qualms with attempts to popularise football by taking it to places where it is not traditionally popular but is there any point to the CHAN?

We have no problem with the likes of Qatar, China and others of their ilk paying over-the-hill players from Europe’s top leagues obscene wages to play in...
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