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Carolynne Poole exclusive interview

After a stint on The X Factor two years ago, Carolynne Poole found that it was fitting to spend some time in Nashville and Los Angeles writing her forthcoming debut album, 'I Love You But Shut Up'. Now in a new and exclusive interview with Female First, Carolynne explains just what fans should expect from the...
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South Africa’s tournament scorecard

Another World Cup, another heart-breaking exit for South Africa, who had their World Cup dream deferred again.

Another World Cup has come and gone for South Africa, with players and fans left breathless with disappointment following that Auckland thriller on Tuesday, and as the Proteas book their flights back home, let's have a look at...
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Azpilicueta’s journey from zero to hero

After Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville named Cesar Azpilicueta as the Premier League’s best defender, we track his journey from unknown zero to Chelsea hero. When he arrived at Chelsea initially as a back-up player for just £6.5million shortly after his impressive appearance at the 2012 Olympics, it was perhaps tough to envisage Cesar Azpilicueta becoming...
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Top of the Flops: Bonkers Arsenal; Kane blows it

Tottenham’s Harry Kane, Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers and Arsenal in general are among those who had a Premier League weekend to forget. BRENDAN RODGERS: Rotate your squad in Europe by all means, particularly when the cause looks a little lost. Most managers would do the same. However, don’t insult the intelligence of everyone by claiming you have actually...
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Premier League sack race: The contenders

Since Tony Pulis left Crystal Palace, we’re still waiting for one panicky Premier League owner to pull the trigger on the manager. Mark Scott takes a look at the five prime candidates for the axe as we head towards a busy winter schedule.

Harry Redknapp: Harry must have felt his collar tightening after the dismal defeat to...
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WorldCup2014 : Can Africa end semi hoodoo?

Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and African champions Nigeria are fronting Africa’s challenge at the World Cup in Brazil. Can the quintet finally make the step up and break the continent’s semi-finals hoodoo?

Given the preeminence of African players abroad and how comfortably they in the ranks of the crème de la crème of talent in...
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Brazil 2014 World Cup: Football returns home

The history books may show that football has its origins in medial England, but it is Brazil who have come to embody the spirit of the game.

They have perfected football into a thing of beauty. They play the game the way it should be played – with flair and mesmerizing grace.  They have even inspired...
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Brazil 2014: Bale in for injured Walcott

Brazil 2014: Welsh wizard Gareth Bale is set to replace Theo Walcott in the England squad as an astonishing new bona fide FIFA rule allows countries heading to the Brazil 2014 World Cup to replace their injured regulars with signings from nations that failed to qualify.

Right. Pigs might fly. Below we look at five players who...
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Twenty20 Cricket: A gimmick no more

Twenty20 Cricket: The genius of the game of cricket lies in its malleability. Not many sporting codes have cricket’s scope for continually reinventing itself and spawning newer forms without deviating too much from its parental values.

Five-day Tests, three-day Tests, One Day Internationals (50 overs), Cricket 40/40, Duckworth-Lewis method for revised targets and...
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