Darts Services

Three darts in the bulls eye

Three darts in the bulls eye

Rivals Publishing offers an unbeaten Darts services that covers all levels of the professional game from around the world.

From the major talking points in the PDC World Championship to the struggles in the UK Open, our journalists and data gatherers know the beautiful game inside out .

And using our expertise in mobile communications, we can tailor our content to fit any requirements.

Rivals is an established provider of sports content and is respected all over the globe for delivering news, and data fast.

The service provides alerts from all competitive games played.  The service is more than just live scores; we can add in the following data:

  • Schedules
  • Live Scores
  • Match Info
  • Rankings
  • Player Stats & Profiles

Furthermore, we offer a News XML Services with breaking news, previews and reports for cover all major tournaments and competitions.

Images can be provided with all our articles however the client must obtain a display image licence.

SMS Options
For breaking news, matchday updates and results (see above), and all other major stories, choose our dedicated Darts SMS service.

All Dart events are covered by our team of operators and  captured live from TV as soon as the information is available (e.g. 180) our XML feeds are populated with the relevant data.

The service is normally provided as XML “PULL” or JSON data type, where by calling specific service URLs you can retrieve updates in real time.

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