Handball Services

 Kyiv , Ukraine-November 23, 2007-A high point of the match between Ukrainian and Austrian handball teams within the Turchynov Cup International Handball Tournament for women handball players

Handball Coverage

The Rivals Publishing Handball Services package is mainly match-day data focused, providing coverage of all the major tournaments under the auspices of the International Handball Federation.

We cover the IHF Men’s Handball Championship, The IHF Women’s Handball Championship, the World Championships for both men and women and national competitions in the top IHF member countries


Our Handball Services data package contains the following:

  • Live data – goals, awarded throws (throw-off, throw-in, goalkeeper throws, seven-meter throw), penalties
  • Schedules
  • Match info
  • Tables
  • Player stats & profiles

SMS Options
For matchday updates and results, subscribe to our dedicated Handball Services SMS package.

All Handball events are covered by our operators at the venues and/or captured live from TV with key events (goals, penalties) reflecting in our XML feeds as soon as they are captured.

The service is normally provided as XML “PULL” or JSON data type, where by calling specific service URLs you can retrieve updates in real time.

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