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Through our extensive network of specialist reporters, FirstRival are perfectly placed to break news or to react to it and to create a tailored solution for clients.

Our diverse team of specialist writers generate content covering a range of sporting and lifestyle codes, including in-depth coverage of the English Premier League, Trending News, ShowBiz, Music, Movies, Fashion, Royal & Celebrity Sport.

Although we cater for a diverse audience content volumes reflect the global appeal of the sport and Lifestyle content. For example, we produce between 60-100 soccer stories per day – general news, player transfers, managerial changes, cup draws, etc.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create editorial content for multiple platforms and a variety of content types, including features, blogs and newsletters in different languages.

Images can be provided with all our articles, however the client must obtain a display image licence from various providers.

We also provide tournament-based coverage of major events like the World Cups, the Olympics, etc, with content ranging from tournament previews, match previews and  reports, etc.


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