Carolynne Poole exclusive interview

After a stint on The X Factor two years ago, Carolynne Poole found that it was fitting to spend some time in Nashville and Los Angeles writing her forthcoming debut album, ‘I Love You But Shut Up’.

Now in a new and exclusive interview with Female First, Carolynne explains just what fans should expect from the upcoming record, the struggles she’s faced in her career and life to-date, being a strong woman and much more.

How have you found life since your time on The X Factor?

It’s been great thank you. I was on the show briefly two years ago so nothing dramatically changed for me.

Looking back at the show, is it something you’d ever do again?

I don’t regret doing it, but no, I wouldn’t want to do it again.

What struggles have you faced in your career to-date?

What struggles haven’t I faced! Ha. The music industry is a very tough business to be in and I’ve been singing since I was 14.

Struggles right from the start from working in the social clubs and juggling late night gigs with studying to moving to London and trying to support myself pursuing a singing career. Battling to have my voice and songs heard and to work with the producers/writers that could help me. Being a young girl living alone in London was hard and I now feel proud of myself for being brave and doing that. Working up the courage to walk into a meeting with powerful industry executives and being confident enough to push my music and tell them why I think this could work is a battle in itself. You have to have a very thick skin.

How tough would you say it is to carve out a name for yourself in this industry?

Extremely tough. I am still battling to do that. There are so many people out there doing the same, you have to just continue to work hard every day and love what you do in the hope that at some point hard work will meet a stroke of luck.

What personal struggles have you faced in your life, such as your one with IVF?

IVF and the breakdown of my marriage were the main personal struggles I have faced in my life. Naturally as a woman I felt like a failure for a long time and I had to work through that with the help of my family.

What do you make of the current controversy surrounding comments made about “synthetic” children from Dolce and Gabanna?

To be honest, people who make comments like that, I immediately assume they are small minded and hypocritical. I’m sure they aren’t opposed to any “synthetic” medical development for a cure for cancer or any other illness. I can totally understand why Sir Elton wanted to speak out. I personally don’t wear Dolce and Gabanna anyway so no need for me to boycott! Ha.

Recently you’ve been in Nashville writing your album, how has that whole experience been?

I loved Nashville! It was great for me to spend a few months there and draw on the experience. I always thought I would write out there and make the record there also, but after visiting – although I fell in love with it there – it made me realise I wanted to record in the UK and firmly keep my roots.

Talk us through the creative process you’ve gone through for the record.

It has been a very different process for each song. One of the songs I actually wrote when I was 21 but I have given it a revamp. I wrote several in America, ‘Cupid Must’ve Been High’ is a song I got an idea for when I was on a ranch in Arizona, another of my favourite places in America. I played a few authentic country clubs in Black Canyon City in Arizona and it really inspired the feel of the song. I actually finished writing it in LA with my friend Sandi Thom. I’m constantly writing in my song writing journal or singing little melodies into my phone. Before the iPhone I used to have a dictaphone or call my own voice-mail to remember ideas I had.

What should fans and new listeners expect from the new LP?

‘I Love You But Shut Up’ is a bit of fun country rock n roll! My songs are all written with a cheeky sense of humour and all of them are about people or situations I have encountered and I’m sure most woman out there will know what I’m talking about. There are serious songs I have written from the heart on there but I really wanted to put something fun and pop out there for the girlies!

How important is it for you to have creative control over the work you produce?

It’s extremely important. These songs are mine and it’s important that my personality is on there and my influences are there. I don’t want to lose who I am by handing over control to another party so I am heavily involved with everything. It’s hard to sometimes because people think you’re being difficult, but knowing what you want and doing what you need to achieve that isn’t being difficult, it’s being a strong woman!

What should fans expect from you in the coming weeks and months?

Lots of live performances and promo for the record. I’ll be playing all new material so I’m looking forward to meeting lots of people and hearing what they think of the record.

Lead single and title track ‘I Love You But Shut Up’ is to be released on May 17.

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