Top of the Flops: Bonkers Arsenal; Kane blows it

Tottenham’s Harry Kane, Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers and Arsenal in general are among those who had a Premier League weekend to forget.

BRENDAN RODGERS: Rotate your squad in Europe by all means, particularly when the cause looks a little lost. Most managers would do the same.

However, don’t insult the intelligence of everyone by claiming you have actually dropped your ‘stars’ only to reinstate them immediately, especially after the fringe players who replaced them put in such a good performance.

That’s fooling no one, and Rodgers really needs to up his game in just about every regard right now.

ARSENAL – GENERALLY: I know we’ve come to expect the bonkers from Arsenal, but getting yourself hit on the counter attack in the last 15 minutes away from home when you’re leading is pushing it even for them.

The frustrating thing about the Gunners is that we have been saying the same kind of stuff about them for years. They need to wise up considerably, yet they just seem to constantly repeat mistakes rather than actually learn from them.

HARRY KANE: Let’s be honest, no one is going to blame Harry Kane for Spurs’ most recent defeat. He was no worse than anyone else in white and better than most on the day.

However, this was his chance. He had waited for it, and he had earned it, and he pretty much blew it.

I’m sure he’ll get another soon enough, and I certainly hope he does, but you get the sense that changes are coming at Tottenham, and the opportunities to make sure you survive them may just be limited at this point.

LEE MASON: The remarkable thing about Lee Mason’s performance this weekend is that the Bolton-born official managed to get just about everything wrong but achieved perfect balance between the two sides.

He correctly gave Everton a penalty, yet failed to send off Connor Wickham. He correctly deemed Tim Howard to have not handled the ball outside his area, but failed to punish him for obstruction (‘impeding an opponent’) by deliberately lying down on the ball.  He should have probably sent of Jordi Gomez for two yellows, but didn’t, and then let James McCarthy off the hook in similar circumstances too.

He should be congratulated in a way. It’s not often that a referee gets so much wrong he ends up being right again.

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